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Design & Development

Top API Integrations for eCommerce

There is a battle between brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce. In this silent war, online retail is quickly gaining the upper hand.

Conversion Optimization

8 eCommerce Product Page Conversion Tips

To inspire sales, you need to approach your product page with strategy. Everything on the page needs to be intentional. From the images to the words, every element on the page needs to encourage customers to convert.

Customer Engagement

10 Strategies to Get Repeat Sales from eCommerce Customers

There is a 27% chance that a first-time customer will make a second purchase. A repeat customer is 54% more likely to return for more shopping. Repeat customers are also likely to spend more money on their purchases.

Conversion Optimization

What's the Average eCommerce Conversion Rate, and How Can I Improve It?

To succeed in this industry, you need to rely on key stats and metrics. The eCommerce conversion rate is a priority metric for online store owners.

Design & Development

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Shops Part 2: How to Get Started

If you own an e-commerce store, you should also consider selling your products on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and even Facebook.

Design & Development

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Shops Part 1: What are Facebook Shops?

The vision of the social media giant is to build the infrastructure for entrepreneurs to sell products through Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct in the future.

Conversion Optimization

How to Analyze Your eCommerce Conversion Funnel

Improving something does not begin with making changes; instead, it starts with identifying the source of the problem. This concept also applies to conversion funnels. The eCommerce industry is one where over 70% of customers abandon carts.

Conversion Optimization

11 Top Tools to Increase  eCommerce Conversion

What is the value of capturing the attention of an audience if you fail to secure their contact information? Very little. The goal of an effective inbound marketing strategy is converting visitors into leads.


Creating an eCommerce Strategy for Magneto

Hands down, Magneto is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms.

Conversion Optimization

e-Commerce Conversion Tips

Conversion is one of the essential metrics in the e-commerce trade. Increasing your conversion rate means more revenue for your business. Your online store earns larger profits and expands its customer base.

Conversion Optimization

What analytics metrics to investigate to increase eCommerce conversion.

Decision making is a normal part of e-commerce. Decisions could mean profits or losses.


Getting Feedback and Evolving Your Configurator

Analyzing your product configurator can provide you tons of valuable insights regarding what your company’s audience likes and what it does not. However, sometimes you need more.


Marketing & Promoting Your Product Configurator

A product configurator is an excellent upgrade for any ecommerce platform; however, to ensure that it provides you a decent amount of customer conversions, there are a few elements that must be addressed.


Integrating A Configurator Into Your eCommerce Site

Quite a lot of companies have bought into the product configurator hype. This is particularly true for companies with ecommerce stores. They greatly benefit from product configurators


Custom Coded Versus Off-The-Shelf Configurators

Around 36 percent of customers show interest in personalized services and products.


Designing Your eCommerce Configurator User Experience

A configurator’s user experience is its soul. Without it, the configurator will be useless and will not tempt any user to buy a product.


Planning Your eCommerce Configurator's Functionality

ARTICLEPlanning Your eCommerce Configurator’s FunctionalityA product configurator’s functionality could make or break how the users perceive it. Therefore, the best way to approach working on its functionality would be to think about how your audience would prefer their user experience. Quite a lot of developers try to follow the general patterns they notice in other


Understand Your Audience’s Need & Desire for a Configurator

ARTICLEUnderstand Your Audience’s Need & Desire for a ConfiguratorVirtually everybody experiences some form of online shopping, but most sites that customers go through are more or less the same be it for a car or for a pair of shoes.Product configurators are the main reason why online shopping has gained so much steam in the

Design & Development

Why Branding Matters for eCommerce

ARTICLEWhy Branding Matters for eCommerceThere is more to e-commerce site than just a catalog. It would be best if you created a familiar and positive reputation among your target audience. A brand is a reputation that a company projects to the world.When most people ponder about a brand, they think about the visual aspects. They

Design & Development

50 Reasons To Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Platform

The growth of eCommerce and online shopping worldwide has been momentous. In the United States alone, online purchases have grown from 4.2% to 11.2% of total business and consumer purchases between 2010 and 2019.

Conversion Optimization

5 tips to run successful A/B Tests for eCommerce

ARTICLE5 tips to run successful A/B Tests for eCommercePossibly your recently developed Commerce website is not capturing the conversions you had expected. Or, perhaps, interest in your once-successful site is dropping noticeably. Shoppers are leaving abandoned carts more often.How can you fix your eCommerce website without risking your current business?Replacing an existing site with one with different

Design & Development

9 most important mobile eCommerce Statistics for 2019

ARTICLE6 Tips to increase validation and trust for an eCommerce SiteIn 1997 the term “mobile commerce” was coined by the chairman of the Global Mobile Commerce Forum, Kevin Duffey.At the dawn of the mobile wireless era, there was a vision to deliver the power of purchasing directly into the hands of the consumer at anytime

eCommerce Strategy

6 Tips to increase validation and trust for an eCommerce site

E-commerce sites have a hurdle that they need to overcome that other types of websites don’t have to work as hard on. Consumers know that it’s relatively easy to create a site to gain access to personal information for the purpose of a scam because it happens and gets reported on by the news.

eCommerce Strategy

Andy Halko Speaks to USA Rice on eCommerce

Andy Halko speaks at USA Rice conference on eCommerce & the demand for online grocery services.On Dec 9th, 2019, Andy Halko spoke to a packed audience at the USA Rice Conference.eCommerce is predicted to hit $4.8 trillion by 2021 and continues to be a key strategy for product and service companies alike.Winning at eCommerce requires

Demand Generation

8 Channels to Advertise Your eCommerce Site On

The world of eCommerce is changing fast. We are now seeing the emergence and increased use of many innovative technologies and data analytics, all aimed at offering better customer experience.

Customer Engagement

6 Great Tactics & Tools for eCommerce Customer Engagement

The easiest way for you to stand out of the crowd in eCommerce is by improving customer engagement to drive loyalty and upsell.

Conversion Optimization

How Configurators Increase eCommerce Conversions

With today’s technology and design capability to add and adapt variables to sell customized finished products, combinations of variables can become nearly infinite.

eCommerce Strategy

9 Top eCommerce Tips for 2019

The world of eCommerce is changing fast. We are now seeing the emergence and increased use of many innovative technologies and data analytics, all aimed at offering better customer experience.

eCommerce Statistics

On Average 29% of B2B Customers are Fully Engaged

Customer Service Interactions over Twitter Have Increased 250% in the Last Two Years

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

$6.8 Billion Dollars Are Lost Annually as a Result of Slow-Loading Website

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