What are the Top Demand Generation Priorities for 2018?

The Top Demand Generation Priorities for 2018 are: 1) Focusing on Lead Quality over Quantity, 2) Improving Conversion Rates and Results, and 3) Generating Increased Lead Volume

Statistic Info

The expectations around marketing’s contribution to revenue continued to climb with this year’s survey. When asked what percentage of revenue would be attributed to marketing-sourced leads:

• 28% said between 26% to 50%;

• 27% said between 11% to 25%;

• 18% said less than 10%;

• 11% said between 50% and 75%;

• 6% said between 75% and 100%; and

• Only 9% said they don’t track this data. The increased pressure to drive growth and attributable revenue has been a consistent challenge for marketers in recent years, and this year’s survey showed there are no signs of that abating.