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7 Steps To Building a Product Configurator for Your eCommerce Store

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Getting Feedback and Evolving Your Configurator

ARTICLEGetting Feedback and Evolving Your ConfiguratorAnalyzing your product configurator can provide you tons of valuable insights regarding what your company’s audience likes and what it does not. However, sometimes you need more. What this means is – sometimes, instead of trying to understand the customer’s opinions regarding your configurator, it would be better to just


Marketing & Promoting Your Product Configurator

ARTICLEMarketing & Promoting Your Product ConfiguratorA product configurator is an excellent upgrade for any ecommerce platform; however, to ensure that it provides you a decent amount of customer conversions, there are a few elements that must be addressed. Mentioned below, you will find some important information that could help you promote your product configurator in


Integrating A Configurator Into Your eCommerce Site

ARTICLEIntegrating A Configurator Into Your eCommerce SiteQuite a lot of companies have bought into the product configurator hype. This is particularly true for companies with ecommerce stores. They greatly benefit from product configurators as they add a lot of value to their ecommerce website.  Generally, online shops used to be quite plain – to the

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