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eCommerce Search Engine Optimization

Driving search traffic to an eCommerce site through SEO is key to growth. We help e-commerce companies optimize their sites for search engines to bring the right visitors who are ready to buy.

what is

eCommerce SEO?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the process of consistently making improvements to your site and executing seo tactics to increase rank.

Rankings are changing every minute and companies rise and fall in the search engines very quickly. This volatility is one of the key reasons that SEO is an ongoing service to constantly optimize for higher rankings.

Your ranking is driven by two major factors: Quality & Relevancy. Google's goal to increase their paid advertising revenue is to cause more searches to happen and that only works if people trust and value their results.

Here is how Quality and Relevancy are achieved:


Depth of Content
Outbound links
# of Inbound Links
Social References
Site Speed
Bounce Rate
Language & Writing
Media Inclusion


Keywords Included
Inbound Link Site Topics
Outbound Link Topics
Meta Key Phrases
Cross-Link Topics
Hierarchy Key Words
Media Topics & Alt Tags
Overall Site Topic

These are just some of the hundreds of SEO factors that influence your search engine ranking.

eCommerce SEO services

We have years of expertise and proven results in SEO optimization for eCommerce sites.

eCommerce SEO Audits

Understand where your search engine issues and opportunities are with recommendations to make improvements for increasing rank.

On-Site SEO Optimization

eCommerce sites typically have a lot of pages and each page is an opportunity to get the first rank for specific terms. Technical and content SEO tactics are utilized to optimize your site,

Off-Site SEO for eCommerce

Part of quality and relevancy is what other sites are saying about you and the number of external references. The more the world points to you, the more of an authority you must be.

Technical Optimization

Speed and code quality are imperative to SEO. As your site changes and Google's algorithm evolves, you must constantly monitor and adjust.

Content SEO

Optimizing product pages, writing a blog, creating landing pages, improving descriptions, adding reviews, and so much more must be done.


The right titles, alt tags, and schema data properly optimized throughout your site.

Integrations & APIs

Syndication of products across social and product platforms helps distribute your content and links.

Social Proof

Reviews and social media impact your quality and relevancy by providing external proof.

SEO Tactics for eCommerce

No one activity increases search rank and that is why you need cross-discipline experts.

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