verb  \ in-ˈgāj, en- \
to attract and hold fast.

eCommerce customer engagement

Repeat customers are the holy grail of eCommerce. The right strategies and tactics can take your upsell game to a whole new level.


build a plan to resell, upsell, and gain loyalty

Our team helps you to prioritize tactics to increase profit from existing customers.

  • coupon, deal & loyalty programs
  • remarketing & advertising
  • automation & personalized touch-points
  • customer experience
  • cross-sell & upsell strategy
  • unique engagement ideas


Automatically send the right eMails at the right times with personalized messages, products, offers, and deals.

just to name a few

remarket to
visitors & customers

past customers make for the best next customers

Leverage remarketing across platforms to bring back visitors and past customers.

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expert team

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