noun  /ˈôdət/
an official inspection, typically by an independent body.

eCommerce Conversion & Marketing Audits

Minor improvements can drive major top-line revenue impact in eCommerce. We evaluate, analyze, and recommend tactics to drive more traffic and convert more sales.

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Conversion Audit?

Conversion is the act of turning a visitor into a customer and receiving a sale.

There are tons of factors that influence conversion on an eCommerce site including:

  • The overall design and brand positioning
  • Architecture and ease of finding products
  • Layout of category and product pages
  • Color contrast and content hierarchy
  • Presenting the right info at the right times

and so much more. We've found that moving a button 50 pixels up or adding some information to a cart page has increased conversion by double digits.

Evaluating your conversion can be the biggest boost to sales and higher ROI when spending on driving traffic.

what's in the

Marketing Audit?

Attracting the right people to your site and increasing traffic is necessary for growth.

Whether you are handling your eCommerce Marketing in-house or working with a third-party eCommerce agency, it is important to evaluate:

  • Are you getting the right visitors who are looking to buy?
  • Are you focused on the right channels?
  • Is the messaging compelling?
  • Are you tracking the right data and viewing the right reports?
  • What are you missing from your marketing mix?

It's important to market your eCommerce site but it is more important to market it right.


Conversion Audit

$ 1,499 one time fee

More sales & higher cart values.

Our eCommerce experts will gather information about your site, goals, and audience as well as receive access to analytics accounts.

Our new, unique video audit has our team walk through your site and records feedback so you can easily relate recommendations to real visuals of your site.

$1,499 one-time fee


Marketing Audit

$ 999 one time fee

Get more of the right traffic.

Our eCommerce experts will gather information about your site, goals, and audience as well as receive access to marketing accounts.

We'll build a report outlining findings and recommendations to increase traffic of the right visitors.

$999 one-time fee


Conversion + Marketing Audit

$ 2,298 one time fee

Optimize to win big.

Get both our new, unique video audit for conversion where our team walks through your site and records feedback on video as well as a marketing audit.

By combining both we can get a thorough insight across traffic and sales to provide key recommendations that will make big impact on all future sales.

$2,298 one-time fee

marketing strategy

build a plan to drive purchase-ready visitors

We help our clients find customers for their products across organic and paid channels.

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