a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

eCommerce API Integration

Our team can help connect your eCommerce site to any external platform to streamline operations, enhance sutomer service or drive marketing.

what is

API integration for eCommerce?

most eCommerce systems are not islands that are alone and disconnected. APIs allow you to create connections between your eCommerce site and a wide range of other platforms.

In some cases API integration can be simple and easily configured through existing connections while other implementations are complex and require custom development.

Some of the systems that you might be integrating into are:

  • ERP - pull product data and inventory as well as place orders for processing. ERP systems are typically the central system for many businesses and integration with eCommerce can streamline.

  • Accounting - sometimes part of an ERP or separate, we help connect transactions and financial details.

  • Third-Party Products - we've helped organizations leverage vendors and partners to pull product information direct from their systems to reduce management needs.

  • Customer Service - many eCommerce sites need to support customers and answer questions. Whether live chat, ticketing systems or more robust requirements we can integrate CX.

  • Sales & Marketing - A wide range of tools are available to increase traffic, conversion, and upsell.

eCommerce integration case study

We worked with an organization to help them to be the very first reseller to integration with a global product vendor.

The Challenge

Our client was looking to take their retail sales online but thousands of their products came from a third-party manufacturer.

It would be impossible to keep up with product management and as the site grew, impossible to manually process orders to the vendor.

The real curve ball... no one had ever integrated into this manufacturers system before. They would be the first.

The Solution

We worked with both parts to help identify the eCommerce platform that fit the requirements and budget.

Then, we helped guide the manufacturer as they built the API internally at the same time that we built out the eCommerce site and did the integration.

In the end, the solution pulled and refreshed over 4,000 products daily and orders were sent directly to the manufacturer for processing.

The Outcome

Our client was able to launch a large eCommerce platform with minimal internal management allowing them to focus time and money on growth.

With product management and order management handled by the API integration, it made their life easy and the manufacturer happy.

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