noun  (kənˈfɪɡəˌreɪtə)
arrangement of parts; form or figure as determined by the arrangement of parts; contour; outline 

eCommerce consumer product configurator

Deliver a personalized experience for customers through your online store by allowing them to build, design, or create their own product.

a strategy

to increase conversions

Product configurators allow consumers to feel in control of their purchasing experience.

Creating a personalized experience increases conversions by allowing consumers to build the exact product they want.

There are many types of product configurators:

  • Select-to-order
  • Pick-to-order
  • Confi­gure-to-order
  • Assemble-to-order
  • Make-to-order
  • Engi­neer-to-order

Explore all these types more below.

eCommerce configurator approaches

Select To Order Configurators

Consumers select all needed components of a product. This is a simple tool with no component dependencies. Often characterized by dropdowns that allow the visitor to choose various options.

Imagine a t-shirt where a visitor chooses style, size & color.

Pick To Order Configurators

The customer picks the components of a product and takes care of the dependencies without support of the configurator. In these scenarios the consumer is adding individual pieces of what they want to an order.

Imagine a computer system where you choose a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other elements that come together.

Configure To Order

The configurator supports the customer in selecting the components that fit to each other based on a modular system.

Assemble To Order

The configurator matches prefabricated components considering component dependencies

Make To Order

The configurator allows the customer to define specific parameters based product rules. Manufacturing takes place after order.

Engi­neer To Order

Very high level of configuration freedom. New components and new rules might be required to satisfy the configuration needs of the customer.

why build a

product configurator?

give your customers a unique and satisfying experience.

Product configurators for B2C allow consumers to explore all the options your product has as well as create something extremely personalized to them.

When customers take the time to explore, configure, and personalize, it increases conversion rates not only because they have invested more time but also because they have created somethign that perfectly fits their wants.

Our team helps build configurators that provide smart options and an amazing experience.

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