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In 1997 the term "mobile commerce" was coined by the chairman of the Global Mobile Commerce Forum, Kevin Duffey.

At the dawn of the mobile wireless era, there was a vision to deliver the power of purchasing directly into the hands of the consumer at anytime and in any place. Now that dream is a reality.  Millions of people take advantage of the power of mobile commerce everyday.  From shopping to paying bills, the convenience that mobile commerce provides is unprecedented. 

Mobile commerce is any transactions completed using a mobile device is considered mobile commerce, or m-commerce for short.  There are different kinds of mobile commerce including mobile shopping, mobile banking, and mobile payments. 

If you own a business, are into investing, or simply want to be in the know for the most important mobile commerce statistics for 2019, you've come to the right place.  

More Than 1.2 Billion People In The World Access The Internet From Their Smartphones.  

1.2 billions is a big number.  It's even bigger when you consider the kind of impact it can have on the mobile commerce market.

That is a huge chunk of the worlds population.  Can you imagine somehow finding your way into this market to achieve the desired financial goal?  The opportunity for success in the market alone is worth taking a shot into the abyss. 

No more is the internet limited to a desk at home.  Literally, a billion people already know that the internet, and essentially the world, is at their fingertips wherever they go. 


The Average American Spends Over Four Hours On Their Smartphone Each Day

What are people doing in all that time? 

Nearly twenty percent of the day is spent with a nose to the phone by millions of people. This time spent could very well be used to read or watch videos.  Bare in mind that lots of streaming content contains ads, which could lead to an online transaction; further fueling the great mobile commerce engine.


Four Out Of Five Americans Are Online Shoppers 

Trading traffic, florescent lights, and human interaction for a few simple clicks is what this generation calls progress. 

Let's face it, the ease of access of shopping online is quite remarkable.  To think, a product that you purchase online can be to your home the very next day with little to no hassle on the consumer end of the spectrum.  Even groceries can be purchased online and delivered to your front door.  

2019 Will Mark The Year That Mobile Phones Will Surpass TV As The Medium Attracting The Most Minutes of Attention in the US

It comes as no surprise that mobile phones are taking over.  Your mobile phone is your miniature television right in the palm of your hand.  Social media is geared toward mobile devices making them a huge factor in how much time is spent using a phone verses a television.  For the first time since the 1950's, televisions will have to take a back seat nd make room for mobile devices. 


70% of Mobile Searches Lead To Action Within An Hour 

In today's world, everyone is so busy and in such a rush. 

People want to move on to the next thing quickly and efficiently with the least amount of interferences.  On average, it takes desktop users a month to make a decision that leads to action in comparison to mobile searches.  The ease of access a mobile device provides gives one more versatility in their research. 

Although it may seem like a hasty decision, it can still be a well informed decision.


61% of Mobile Consumers Say They Are More Likely To By From Mobile Sites That Customize Information Tailored To Their Location and Preferences.  

Mobile apps and sites tend to be a bit more invasive allowing the access needed to suit the buyer. 

This added convenience makes for an easier and more efficient user experience overall.  Consumers prefer a quicker buying experience over a long drawn out system of purchasing.  


55% of Smartphone Users Admit To Feeling Anxiety When They Don't Have Their Phone

Typically, your life is on your phone. 

Your banking information, contacts, calender, and a plethora of other personal information are all on your device. 

Some people totally rely on their phone to get through the day.  People would rather have their face in their phone than deal with organic human interaction. 


55% of Consumers Have Bought Something Online After Discovering It On Social Media

There are so many ways to market products on social media. 

From various videos like challenges or reviews, to famous celebrities sponsoring a product on their pages, the presence of a product on social media could be what makes or brakes it. 

People are going to spend hours on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap chat.  Having a product advertised correctly on these platforms is sure to get the ball rolling. 


Mcommerce Sales On Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 Surpassed $2 Billion, Breaking the previous record in 2017

The two busiest shopping days of the year depend on the power of mcommerce. 

There are those who still seek the thrill of long lines, angry patrons, and inclement weather for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   However, who could resist sitting in the comfort of your own home getting some of the most amazing deals of the year on your own terms.

There is no doubt that mobile commerce played a huge role in these record breaking numbers.  2019 may be the year set to break that of 2018 as mobile device usage increases as mobile phones become more accessible to more people.


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